On the way to…Microsoft Ignite 2018

This installment of ‘On the way to…’ is brought to you courtesy of my house.  Once again, I wanted to get a pre-event blog up and just didn’t feel like rushing it out.

This is now my second year attending Microsoft Ignite.  As a long time ASUG Annual Conference/Sapphire Now and SAP TechEd attendee, I get a lot of comparison questions.  My first description would be: Ignite is like both of the above conferences put together. You get a techie/user vibe, with some detailed developer sessions alongside user case study and roadmap presentations.  The Envision side of the event (invite-only from Microsoft) is for the management ‘types’ and has the feel (and dress code) of Sapphire Now.  I attended Envision last year- Michelle Obama was a speaker, as well as a Walter Isaacson interview of Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

One of the biggest complaints from last year was that things were too spread out.  Looks like Microsoft has taken the feedback seriously and have located most of the educational and theaters into the West building, leaving only the South building for keynotes.  This is definitely different that ASUG Annual Conference, so I’m interested to see if it really works out.

Some stuff I’ve been thinking about:

Packing light- I’m usually more of a ‘pack rat’, so I am consciously trying to lighten my conference carry.  I am going to rely on the conference backpack, only using a light sling bag to get my stuff down to Orlando.


Coffee- OCCC has some of the worst coffee I’ve ever tasted.  I am going to bring some Starbucks Via ‘instant’ coffee.  Tried it at home and it definitely tastes better than the OCCC gut rot.

Snacks- The food last year was underwhelming, so I’m going to plan to stop and pick up some food to keep in my backpack.

Sessions- If run like last year, a large majority of the content is posted online and even recorded.  This gives me a lot more security in spending time in the Theater Sessions, as well as at the networking and hands-on events.  I do have some sessions that I think are ‘must attend’, but I may try to take advantage of the materials/recording to review afterwards.


At the end of the week, I expect my step count to be high, my swag bag to be full and have some answers to my questions as well as new things to plan for.  And this time, I will seriously try to do a post-event recap.

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