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MacBook Pro 13 w/Touch Bar: First Impressions

Noticeable things coming from using a MacBook Air 11: Keep hitting the ESC key, as that’s where my pinky would normally sit. I need to get used to the MUCH larger trackpad.  Definitely had to change typing position of my … Continue reading

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Thoughts and ideas on HANA…definitely not at HANA speed.

(Opening Note: I do not profess to be a HANA or 'big data' expert. I'm primarily an Analytics architect in a relational world. But I'm a geek and HANA intrigues me.) That curiosity has definitely been piqued in over the … Continue reading

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First Impressions: BlackBerry 9930

After recent (and frequent) fights  with my BlackBerry Tour 9630 (I am a Verizon subscriber), I started considering that it might be time to get a new phone.  I have been a BlackBerry fan since the days of the 8700 … Continue reading

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