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London 2012 Summer Olympics Travel Diary

[Author’s note: This is going to be a long entry, but is separated by day.  Olympic days are on pages 6, 7 and 9. Picture slideshows/links are on page 11.]

After over a year of planning, saving and scheming, we finally got on a plane to London a few days prior to the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 London Summer Olympics.  We were lucky enough to get tickets via the ticket lottery held by the official US ticket seller, CoSport.  The lottery gave us the chance to purchase tickets to the events we attended.  We totally missed that we had to buy separate Olympic Park tickets, since we didn’t have any events that took place.  But luckily for us, we have good friends living in the UK who were able to help.  A big, public thank you to Esther Sheffield for bailing us out!!

We had tickets to three Olympic events: Women’s Volleyball, Women’s Gymnastics and Table Tennis.  In addition, we had admissions tickets to the Olympic Park for one session and the Men’s Road Race took place on the Brompton Road, right outside our flat.  That made for 5 total events in 8 days. Busy, but hopefully not so busy that we don’t enjoy our vacation.  Without further ado, I present the Loranca Family “What we did on our summer vacation” essay.


Disney ‘Mystery’ Western Carribbean Cruise 2011

We have been looking forward to this vacation all year. This is our second cruise in as many years as last year was our first ever: a 4 day quick hop to Nassau, day at sea and ending on Disney’s ‘private island’ in the Bahamas: Castaway Cay. Staci definitely caught the ‘fever’ and we decided to try our luck on a longer, 7 day cruise. Since I was already coming to Orlando in October for a conference, we found a 7 day Western Caribbean itinerary after my conference ended. Seemed like good luck and it was towards the tail end of hurricane season, too. So we booked it! Our original itinerary looked like this: