New Blog Location!

Well, I’ve decided to move my blog from our .Mac home page to WordPress.  This is mainly because with .Mac, the only way I could update it is via iWeb on my iMac.  Which was becoming a pain- If I wanted to just throw up quick update, it required a site change to and an upload of the change.  Now with WordPress, I can update from my Netbook, the internets and even my BlackBerry!!

So, make sure to bookmark this new site: and make me an RSS feed.  I’m hoping that now I can update things a whole lot quicker!!

By golasalle

La Salle University Alumni and proud father to a UVA Wahoo. Gadget Geek, SAP Mentor, computer nerd, SME in Business Intelligence/Analytics and Destiny/Overwatch Xbox player. Also a ProBoard Firefighter 2 and Fire Police Captain (Ret). Can you say dichotomy?

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