Finally got an iPad

Well, I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting. I decided that I wasn’t going to get an iPad 1 while iPad 2 was on the horizon. So I waited, not so patiently, for the big announcement. Rescheduled a meeting to watch the live stream and was just as shocked as everyone else when they wouldn’t be doing any preorders. But I figured that would be alright-I’ll just pick one up on launch day. I had a decent amount of money saved up in Amex and Visa gift cards, so online ordering wasn’t in the cards since you can only use two credit cards at the max.

Lo and behold- I couldn’t get anywhere at 5 pm on launch day, since I had to work until 7:00. At 7, I trudged off to the Collegeville Best Buy and was given the bad news: ‘Sold Out’. But I could come back and preorder and be on the top of the waiting list for their next shipment. I mumbled under my breath and walked out to my car. I called 2 Apple stores, several Best Buys and Targets to find the same situation everywhere.

When I got home and went online, that’s when I started to read about it was sold out everywhere. I decided to head back to Best Buy in the morning and get on that list. At least I could use my gift cards there. 10am and I’m number 3 in line and first on the list for a 32GB AT&T 3G. And I stalked the macrumors and Best Buy message boards. And started to read the stories of limited shipments, scalpers waiting in line every morning to pay cash. Especially bad was that these scalpers were waiting and buying the model that I wanted!

After a week of constant reading and getting frustrated, I gave in and ordered from Apple. 4-5 weeks estimated delivery. At least the Navy SmartCover would be delivered within a week! So every so often I’d head over to MacRumors to see what the internets had to say. I’d also call Best Buy and make sure none had come in. And yes, I’m still first on the 32GB AT&T list. But then I checked MacRumors this Monday and a poster from Lansdale said that his Target had some. I checked the online inventory and my local store had ‘Availability’. I called and they said they had 4 left. I raced over and bought one…they had White 16GB Wifi’s. Definitely different than the black 3G I had on reserve at Best Buy. Impulse took a hold of me and I bought it.

So, I got home and activated it. Would I have buyers remorse? Then a buddy reminded me that I had a Verizon MiFi. Why do I need 3G, if I had that. My rationale was that if I go to London next year, the Verizon stuff won’t work. Then it dawned on me- I’m really over thinking this! The whole reason I waited for iPad 2 was for the cameras and speed boost. My impulse purchase just saved me a big dose of cash. If we’re lucky enough to win the Olympic ticket lottery, I’m going to need that cash to pay for the trip! Plus, by the time the 2012 Olympics start, iPad 3 will be released and maybe I’ll get that one in GSM 3G!

Do I like the iPad 2? Absolutely. Smart Cover is a neat addition to the device! And speaking of that, I cancelled the entire online order. The Ardmore apple store got a shipment in yesterday of the Navy leather version that I wanted. I didn’t buy a second iPad to try and sell because I believe in karma. If i bought them all to try and make a quick buck, I wouldn’t be paying it forward at all. Well, the smart cover being in the very next day was a nice cosmic reward!

After I start to use my new toy a bit more, I’ll post a more detailed review. Right now I’ll just say that this post was completely typed on the iPad using the WordPress app. Not too shabby.

By golasalle

La Salle University Alumni and proud father to a UVA Wahoo. Gadget Geek, SAP Mentor, computer nerd, SME in Business Intelligence/Analytics and Destiny/Overwatch Xbox player. Also a ProBoard Firefighter 2 and Fire Police Captain (Ret). Can you say dichotomy?

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