Hurricane Irene- Running Diary

Well, here comes the rain! I think what I’m going to do is just update this post with my hurricane observations. Might not be too terribly scientific or accurate, but will give me something to do- other than watching the armageddon forecast from The Weather Channel.

Saturday- 1155
In North Jersey at my mom’s checking in on her and dropping Abby off for Camp Grandma. Regular old rain seems to have started, but Staci and I won’t start back to PA until we see the yellow bands on the radar around Delmarva.

Saturday- 1800
Made it back to PA. The New Jersey Turnpike had AWFUL rains and ponding, making for some treacherous driving conditions. Especially heavy rain and wind between exits 8 and 6. Glad to be home to ride out the storm. If that’s a small taste of what the eastern side is going to get- then its going to be a long night, even here.

Saturday- 1921
Rain has started falling more heavily now. Radar has more moderate bands of rain circling this way. Hopefully folks will heed the warnings and I won’t be called out tonight for preventable reasons.

Sunday- 1201
Well, made it through the night.  Wind was pretty bad, but not hurricane strength.  Power stayed on all night, didn’t even flicker.  Mingo Creek is definitely running high and fast and was likely at the top of the bridge overnight.  The sinkhole at Georgetowne Court reappeared as the water came over the banks and a big tree branch fell from in front of Bill & Kate’s house.  The sump pump at our neighbor’s house failed and they got about 2-3″ of water in their basement.  I lent them our ShopVac and dropped off some contractor trash bags.

Roads are still flooded and the rivers and creeks have yet to crest.  That’s what I’m keeping my eyes on.

By golasalle

La Salle University Alumni and proud father to a UVA Wahoo. Gadget Geek, SAP Mentor, computer nerd, SME in Business Intelligence/Analytics and Destiny/Overwatch Xbox player. Also a ProBoard Firefighter 2 and Fire Police Captain (Ret). Can you say dichotomy?

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