March Madness Road Trip Diary

Day 4: Kansas City, KS

  • No Traveling- just snow and BBQ.  In that order.

I mentioned the snow in yesterday’s entry.  We were expecting snow, but not SNOW.  Staci landed without incident and we brought lunch to the hotel.  Since it still was ‘Busy Season’, she had to work.  Abby rested to try and feel better.  We finally decided to go out for some BBQ that evening.  Thanks to Tammy Powlas for the recommendation (and Eric Vallo for the ‘second’) we trekked over to Missouri.  In 3+ inches of wind-whipped snow that continued to accumulate.  In a rental car while relying on the GPS, in a place we’ve never been. For the best BBQ we’ve ever had?  Totally worth it!  We highly recommend Oklahoma Joe’s.

Of course we needed to road trip in a blizzard. It couldn’t just be a few inches of snow, could it?

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