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March Madness Road Trip Diary

Day 6: Kingdom City, MO to Royersford

  • 18 hour drive
  • 965 miles

Our rental kept chugging east towards home.  The roads were in decent shape, but as we passed almost two dozen spun out/stranded cars along I-70, I knew we made the right decision to pull off and get some sleep.  Tractor-Trailers, SUV’s and cars all stranded in the snow along the highway.  Meanwhile, we just kept chugging along at or about the posted speed limit.  Abby was in the backseat, alternating between her iPhone, a book and napping.  Staci?  Well, 18 hours in the car and 16 hours worked!  She drove two hours through West Virginia to let me rest, the remainder she was plugged into her laptop via a Mifi and plugging away.  It was truly funny to have her IM’ing folks (or take the occasional phone call) and have her ask me ‘Where are we? Indiana or Ohio?’.  Honestly, this was a small price to pay to have her along with Abby and I for the trip.  It was great to have the whole family together.

Bonus reason for having Staci along for the ride and connected?  Passenger Seat Travel Agent!  While I drove and Abby slept, she rebooked our KCI-PHL tickets to make them PHL-LAX.  Abby and I were heading to Cali and the Sweet Sixteen!

Around 1am, we pull into the garage in Royersford.  Exhausted and VERY glad to be home.  The PA Turnpike was quite treacherous though the Western part of the state and I was relieved to be home safe and sound.

By golasalle

La Salle University Alumni and proud father to a UVA Wahoo. Gadget Geek, SAP Mentor, computer nerd, SME in Business Intelligence/Analytics and Destiny/Overwatch Xbox player. Also a ProBoard Firefighter 2 and Fire Police Captain (Ret). Can you say dichotomy?

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